In GRUPO AMUITO we have a specific division which focuses on the potato producer. Thanks to our knowledge of the land and the market, we advise agricultural producers when choosing the type of potato just like in the quality controls of the product. We work with all types of potato producers, cooperatives and associations, helping them and putting at their disposal our technical knowledge.



Potatoes of different calibres and varieties for sowing.

Technical advice when choosing which potato you want to produce.

We collect 100% of your produce (Plan SAR)*.

Logistic management of the production.

Forge a close working relationship for the long term maintenance of your business.

In GRUPO AMUTIO we are aware of the complexity and difficulties that agricultural producers endure in order to maintain their family run businesses. For this very reason we work with a distribution model that offers technical advice for producers, seeds for sowing and it guarantees a full 100% collection of the production within the parameters of agreed quality (Plan SAR)*.

*Plan SAR:A specific plan for potato producers, associations or cooperatives in which, the seed is provided for sowing, technical advice is given and 100% collection of the production is provided. The conditions of the potato seed delivery will be subject to an agreed period between the producer and the company. The 100% collection of the production will be measured and arrangements will be made based on the minimum quality standards previously arranged.